Taco StandUp
Taco StandUp

Over 1 Million Sold

Worlds Best Taco Holder

About the handiest little problem solver to come along since pockets on shirts! The innovative design with an interlocking "channel and key" built into its base gives TacoStandUp a unique usefulness. Serve 1, 2, 4, 6 or any number of tacos. There is almost no limit to the variations with which you can arrange your tacos for serving. Get creative!
TacoStandUp products are not intended for use in microwaves/ovens.

"No kitchen is complete without TacoStandUp"

Original Size Package Pricing

Now in use on tables in thousands of homes and restaurants worldwide,
our original TacoStandUp works great for your crispy corn tortilla 'hard shell' tacos.

(TacoStandUp is 3" L x 1½" W x 1½"H )
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Awesome New Taco Holder
'El Grande'

Introducing NEW! - TacoStandUp 'El Grande' from TacoStandUp.
Our new larger TacoStandUp 'El Grande' is the perfect larger taco holder for soft shell taco lovers. Same innovative interlocking design. Same unique usefulness. Same warm red color. Same fun!
TacoStandUp 'El Grande' is dishwasher safe and stacks on end for convenient storage. They're super durable, made of food grade ABS plastic (no BAP) and weigh 2.0 oz ea! Like it's little brother TacoStandUp, New TacoStandUp 'El Grande's work great and will make your soft shell tacos look great on the plate. No more taco fallout, no more taco turnover. Holds your super size overstuff hard shells great too.

'El Grande' Package Pricing

We've had lots of requests for a larger taco holder and our new TacoStandUp 'El Grande'
is perfect for your flour tortilla 'soft shell' tacos.

(TacoStandUp 'El Grande' is 4"L x 2"W x 2" H)

Combo Package Pricing

TacoStandUp Combo 8Pk.!!
4 TSU Originals
plus 4 TSU 'El Grandes'
Super price-$19.95
Inlcudes shipping.
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