Taco StandUp
Taco StandUp

Restaurateurs & Testimonials

As culinary professional you know the importance of 'presentation'. Your taco entree will never look--or taste better! TacoStandUps can also make life easier for your chefs on your make ready table. Faster, easier prep means less shell breakage and quicker delivery to your customers.
Plus-- kids LOVE them!


If you would like the fun and usefulness of TacoStandUp for YOUR restaurant, we would be very pleased to have you join our family of restaurateurs.
Please call Nick at: (913) 963-4693. Or email me at: [email protected]


"TacoStandUp has been in use on our tables since 2010. We are happy with the usefulness of this product and have received many positive comments from our customers."

Dave Stwalley
Food & Bev Dir.
Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe
Wichita, KS


"TacoStandUps have received great feedback from all my customers. In adition, they make the tacos look marvelous!!"

Alan Huffman, Owner
Spicy Gringo's
Wellsburg, WV


"I have 2 Mexican influenced restaurants & for 8 years I was reluctant to put tacos on the menu. They were too messy & as a chef, plate presentation is very important. Then I found TacoStandUp & immediately created a whole section of tacos on our menu. The tacos look fantastic & my staff & I are now proud to serve them. I always know when it's time to re-order my StandUps when on a Saturday night my chefs are yelling to the dishwashers "diablos por favor" (we call them diablos for short- I suppose it's 'cuz they're red). Great product!"

Chef Mark Smith
The Tortilla Press & Tortilla Press Cantina
Collingswood, NJ


"I got my first set of taco stand up from Avon, about 2 years ago, they were such a hit with my family as we own 4 Mexican restaurant in Kansas City, Mo and we love taco, but I gave them to my daughter thinking I could get more, but no I could never find them again, then I was having dinner at her house and we used them and I saw that there was a web site on the inside, to my delight I jumped online a found your site. I was so happy and I will most likely be ordering more for gifts soon! Thank you for this wonderful item!"

Patsy L. Gromer
Margarita's Mexican Cantina
Gladstone, MO


" I love the fact that you can sell one, two, or as many tacos as the customer wants because of the unique slot design."

Chef Jonathan Hork
Champion Bar and Grill
Lone Tree Golf & Event Center
Antioch, CA


"Customers love the way our tacos are presented with the TacoStandUps"

Michael Fitzharris, Owner
The 8th St. Grille
Holland, MI


"The TacoStandUp makes serving tacos a breeze, without costing an arm and a leg or making a mess."

Don Powers
The Old Corner Grill & Bottle Shop
Lock Haven, PA

TacoStandUps are in use at these fine dining establishments.

Restaurant locations
Carlos & Pepe's
Ft Lauderdale, FL

The Tortilla Press
Collingswood, NJ

Donkey Daddy
London UK

Danny O's
Shelton, CT

The Outlaw
Joseph, OR

Nina's Restaurant
Aresia, NM

El Rancho Grande
Westchester, OH

Rosie O'Grady's
Frendale, MI

El Chico
Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Kelly's 19th Hole
Sports Bar
Bremerton, WA

101 Cantina
Gainesville, FL

Posas El Merendero
Santa Fe, NM

The Function Rooms
Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Amigos Tortilla Bar
Key West, FL

La Palapa Grill
Ellicott City, MD

The 8th St Grille
Holland, MI

Spicy Gringo's
Wellsburg, WV

Bungalow Bar &
Rockaway Beach, NY

The Old Corner Grille
Lock Haven, PA

Carlos O'Kelly's
Mexican Cafe
Wichita, KS

South Shore Grille
League City, TX

South Shore Grille
League City, TX

Champion Bar & Grille
Lone Tree Golf
& Event Center

Antioch, CA

The Butcher Grille
Dublin, Ireland

Tequila Garden
Mexican Restaurant
Nelia Beach Hotel, Cyprus

Kooky Coconut Cafe
Indian Rocks Beach, FL