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We have used the TacoStandUps several times since we received them and they work great. I like that you can use them individually, or snap them together in a neat, compact, little group of several together. I had been using another brand that looks like a wave, but takes up a whole plate just by itself. We first saw yours when were eating at our local Carlos O'Kelley's restaurant and noticed the website molded into the plastic. I think you folks have a real winner here!!! I'm going to pass that along to family and friends when an opportunity presents itself.

Tony- Wichita, KS


"I already own a set, Nick, that I bought in a kitchen store in Bend, Oregon. I have not been able to find them anywhere in Spokane, WA, so I was thrilled to see a web site address on them! I LOVE them!"

Francine- Newman Lake, WA


"We bought our first taco-stand-ups through Avon. Now Avon sells a different type of taco holder that is NO WHERE as great as the real, original Taco Stand Up!! I assumed Taco Stand Up had changed their design. Boy! Am I glad to find you still have the "real original" Taco Stand Up! We love them so much, I can't wait to get more. Everyone is getting them for Christmas this year. If you make tacos at home, if you have children, if you can't stand the mess of a fallen-over-taco...you HAVE TO HAVE THESE! The kids each use one, Mommy uses two, Daddy uses three or four. AWESOME!!! I LOVE taco night!"

Penny-Lakewood, CO


Hi Nick! We are taco fanatics and have been looking for a product like yours for a long time. It will be a Christmas present for my husband and I know he will be thrilled. (So please don't call the phone number on the order and ruin the surprise as I'm having them shipped to my office.) We will definitely spread the word about your product .Happy Holidays!

Gina - Addison, TX


Hi Nick- I already have my own TacoStandUps, they're the best invention ever! Everybody that sees them wants them. The two dozen I ordered are getting broke up into four gifts for Christmas. Good Luck.

Ryan & Brandy - Sioux Falls, SD


I had purchased some of the TacoStandUps from Avon and loved them so I found your website and ordered more as gift. I love them and am very pleased

Peggy - Carlsbad, NM


Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011. We had tacos for Christmas Eve and leftovers tonight. Every time I use my holders I think of you and your response to my email. I want to think that your Mother raised you well. I will always believe that we are a result of our parents. Enough! Thank you, again, for a very neat product!

Jo Carrol - Forest City, PA


They are working great!

Mark - Omaha, NE


I'm hoping this will cure my fallout problem!

Cliff - Jacksonville, FL


The stands are GREAT! They are my new "go to" gift for house warming and engagement parties! I had the taco stands sent to my son and daughter-in-law and yes they have received them. We have had our stand ups for over a year and LOVE them.

Kim - Dallas, TX


They are just what I was looking for -- they are great!

Ron & Delia - San Antonio, TX


Love them!

Jami - Colorado Springs, CO


Thanks for responding. I have wanted something like these for years. Decided to buy a lot and give to others as Xmas gifts because most folks I have talked to about this along the years felt the same way.

Margaret - Wichita, KS


Very nice product every one loved it. 5 stars. Will recommend it. Thank you!

Arkan - Tumwater, WA


We are using them for a second time today. We absolutely love them and would give then as gifts --a must have. It is a joy making tacos again. Great idea. Oh btw-- I love the way they interlock. Makes for easy storage.

Joanne - East Orange, NJ


Yes we used your taco stand ups and we love them. My old ones I lost were not as sturdy as these. We found them to work out perfectly!

Jennifer - Lansing, MI


We have used our TacoStandUps and love them. In fact, I will be ordering more. I want a few more and I thought I would order them from my son and daughter as well. Thank you and congratulations on a great product.

Terri - Coppell, TX


My wife bought a drawer full of your taco holders a few weeks back to replace our flimsy/crappy ones that always seem to disappear. I gotta say I was skeptical at first but your product is truly excellent. Its simple, modular design looks and works exactly as expected and is obviously the product of someone who knows something about eating tacos. We use them all the time now and actually have two complete sets for our family of 6 - one we keep in the kitchen and one in the RV since tacos are one of our staple camping meals.

I only wish restaurants would use your product rather than trying to stack the tacos next to each other and keep them vertical by burying them in lettuce - as soon as you pick one up the rest fall over! Anyways - best of luck and keep up the good work!

David & Catherine - Boylston, MA


We could not be more pleased. We LOVE our TacoStandUps! I had a taco party for Mother's Day and everyone raved about how great they were and they were surprised how well they really did work! My husband and I use them at least once a week. I know my mother in law has ordered some for herself. Thanks

Sharon - Dayton, OH


"We used your taco holder yesterday at a restaurant in Madison (Texas Tubbs) and loved them!"

Benny - Madison, WI


"Yes, we love our TacoStandUps! What a great idea they are for Christmas gifts - stocking stuffers! I'm sure everyone will love them! Have a nice holiday!"

Sonya - Port Charlotte, FL


"What a great idea, when I asked for a taco holder in Australia everyone just looked at me. (I was even told 'hey man you have to go to Mexico for them' I will certainly let everyone I know how great they are..."

Lorraine - Queensland, AU


"This is a great product. I use them and don’t know how I ever got along without them. People just need to try them once and they too will be hooked."

Shelley - Leavenworth, KS


"Your taco holder is the best--period. Especially the way they stack for storing. Glad we found your site! We'll sure get the word around by telling our friends.

Carolyn - New York, NY


"This is a great product you have! I absolutely love the taco holders!"

Maria - Villa Park IL


"I'm loving the taco stands and I will certainly recommend them to others ...the fact that they are detachable is awesome...so glad I found them!!!"

Tammy - Morrison, CO


"Thanks for a great product...and I'll spread the word."

Thomas - Spring, TX


"Yes I have used our TacoStandUps and love them!!! We eat a lot of tacos and I know I will use the heck out of them... I gave six away to my brother and will probably have to give my other brother the other six. They are great for a gift and great to use."

Rena - Lansing, KS


"GREAT idea!!! I went into your web site and loved the idea how each taco holder can fit together to hold as many tacos as needed. Also, how convenient they will store in a cabinet and ease of arrangement for group plate serving."

Taco Lover - Kansas City, KS


"... they were for my father and he was thrilled. He and his wife have a ceramic taco stand dish, but it only holds four tacos. So when he opened the TacoStandUps he was amazed... It was GREAT!"

Leah - Whitehouse, TX


"The TacoStandUps work great !!!!! I used them the first night. They even work great with overstuffed large taco shells. I know I'll be spreading the word to my friends about them."

Bill B. - Independence, MO


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